COVID-19: The LumiPop team remains fully committed!

Hello happy customer,

Well, we're not going to lie to each other, this is the mousetrap. I think we are all somewhat in the same state of mind "But what will happen to us?". So there, we don't know. What we do know is that we will continue to make sure that everything goes well for you, our customers.

We have become super serious. We stopped coughing on it, throwing tissues in the face and hazing the new ones with a good tattoo with soldering iron. It's all over, aaaah the good old days ... Now we must all be serious. And we will be. Prohibition to approach each other, we speak only by screaming or via a megaphone, authorization of the dart launched to warn his partner that we have a question for him ... In short we are at the top for keep doing our job and serving you :-)

So yes, our partner Mondial Relay has withdrawn but our partners GLS and Colissimo no. This is rather good news. On the other hand, it smells of traffic jams in the sorting lines and certainly some delays in delivery. So yes our activity continues and yes the packages will be delivered.

And where we are very strong is that we redirected all our calls so that even far from the two crazy people with their soldering iron we can answer you calmly and help you in your projects. We are crazy I tell you :)

So more seriously our whole team wishes you the best to spend these difficult moments. We can only help you in your lighting projects but we will do it as always, with the heart by giving the best of ourselves.

See you very soon online for now and again in our shop when all together we will have overcome this damn COVID-19 (it sounds like a car name this thing).


The LumiPop team.