Custom made plexiglass blade manufacturing for LightPainting

What is a custom-made Plexiglass blade for Light Painting?

We have been working for many years in the LightPainting world. We know how important it is to create your own paths and shapes. This is why we are launching our bespoke manufacturing service.

We are equipped with a laser cutter and all the necessary equipment for a fast and quality manufacturing. Everything is made in our workshop which is located in Loiret in France .

All blades we manufacture fit on the FLAT connector for Flashlight and LightPainting Paradise accessories. So you absolutely have this connector to use your custom blade.

The flat connector is equipped with a groove. All you need to do is insert your personalized blade. Simple and fast.

ATTENTION !! FLAT LightPainting Paradise connector required to use a custom blade !!

What are the manufacturing times?

As soon as we receive your file (if it is correct) we will start manufacturing your personalized blade. It will logically be produced in 24 hours. No later than 48 hours.

What are the dimensions of the custom-made Plexiglass blade?

There are two basic models. A model which will be approximately 14cm high and another model approximately 22cm high . We will adapt your vector design to the chosen model.

What are the prices?

The 14cm model costs 24.90 euros including VAT . Click here 14cm made-to-measure Light Painting blade .
The 22cm model costs 29.90 euros including VAT . Click here 22cm made-to-measure Light Painting blade .

What type of file should I send you?

Our offer does not include any graphic services. We only work from a vector file (.eps, .ai or .pdf) that we can process directly. All you need to do is download it automatically when purchasing your custom-made product.

Can we engrave an image or a logo on a personalized Plexiglass blade?

The answer is yes . It is perfectly possible for us to engrave an image, logo or text on your blade. As long as it's part of your vector file, that's fine.

What if I'm not a graphic designer and I don't have a file?

Simply contact us directly by phone or email by accessing the contact page . There will be an additional charge for the design of your custom LightPainting blade. The price will depend on the complexity.

What if I want multiple LightPainting blades or a model with non-standard dimensions?

No worries, again just contact us directly and we will work together on your project.

What material will you use for the manufacture of my custom LightPainting blade?

We use high quality cast PMMA . This allows us to perfectly engrave the contours so that they catch the light. Each engraved part will light up as the light beam passes.