How do I use the universal connector of the Jason D.Page range ?

Tutoriel sur l'utilisation du connecteur universel jason D. Page

In this tutorial you will see the steps to effectively use the universal connector from the Light Painting Brushes tools.

Step 1 - Plug the connector on the torch

This universal connector is very simple to use, simply insert the torch (which should be between 2.4 and 3.8 cm in diameter) into the wider side of the connector.

insérer la lampe torche dans le connecteur universel

Step 2 - Plug the tool into the connector

Now insert the tool of your choice from the Jason D range. Page into the connector on the side not used by the torch.

Insérer l'outil Jason D. Page dans le connecteur

Step 3 - Now it's your time

You can now use all the tools in the Jason D range. Page and let your imagination and creation speak for itself to make beautiful Lightpainting photos! :)

La lampe et l'outil sont pluggés