Payment in 4x free of charge with Paypal

What is 4X payment and how does it work?

Payment in 4X is a feature that allows you to distribute the payment of your purchases over 4 installments of 3 months. A 4X payment is a series of 4 regular payments that you make to pay for your purchase. It ends within 89 days of your first payment.

4X payment is not available for some merchants or items. In addition, we may decide not to offer payment in 4X depending on the internal audits we have performed.

How to make payment in 4X?
All you need to do is choose to pay with PayPal when shopping online and log into your PayPal account. A 4X payment option will appear if you are eligible and the purchase in question is eligible. If so, you can request 4X payment in just a few steps, receive an instant response, and complete your purchase.

How much purchases are eligible for 4X payment?
Payment in 4X is available for qualifying baskets with a value between EUR 30 and 2,000.

Does payment in 4X include fees ?
A customer who has chosen 4X payment as a payment method has no fees to pay. However, if any of your payments are late, late fees apply.

Why is a pending authorization showing in my PayPal activity for my 4X payment transaction?
When you make a purchase with payment in 4X, we carry out a pre-authorization suspension corresponding to the amount of the initial payment, or to a quarter of the total amount of the purchase, on the indicated card. This will appear as a pending authorization on your PayPal account and with your financial institution. When you have made your purchase with 4X payment and the merchant has shipped your items, the pending authorization will be removed and the initial payment will be charged to the specified credit card.

My purchase with payment in 4X was rejected or not made, why do I still have a pending authorization in my PayPal activity?
If you have not made a purchase with payment in 4X, the pending authorization will remain in your account until your financial institution cancels the payment authorization, or PayPal will automatically revoke the authorization after 30 days. Money will never be debited from your bank card if the 4X payment transaction has not been completed.

How will my 4X payment transaction appear in my PayPal activity ?
Each 4X payment transaction will appear in your PayPal activity feed and the total purchase amount will be listed under the merchant name and under the heading "Purchase". This is to reflect the total amount of the initial purchase and not the 4X payment or any payment made with your specific bank card. When using the 4X Payment feature, PayPal pays the merchant upfront and spreads the cost over 3 months to automatically transfer the money according to the payment schedule provided. The initial payment and subsequent payments will also appear as separate transactions in your PayPal activity and represent the actual payments made.

Can I have multiple payments in 4X at the same time?
Yes. If the 4X payment option is displayed at the time of payment, you can create a new 4X payment. You will be able to view all your 4X payments in one place on your PayPal account in the 4X Payments section, including the installments you have paid off in the last 12 months.

What are the general conditions of my payment in 4X?
You will find a link to the general conditions of your payment in 4X when you choose to make a request for payment in 4X at the time of payment. In addition, when your 4X payment begins, we will send you an email with important information about it, including a link to the Terms and Conditions to download.