Pack of 8 mini opaque bottles with color filter. Smoke and steam Light Painting effects.



This pack is composed of all the mini bottles with opaque filter. You can easily obtain draped and steam effects for your Light Painting creations. 8 shades included.

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Pack of 8 mini opaque bottles with color filter

This pack includes the 8 bottles with opaque filter, that are also retailed. They allow you to draw harmonious outlines in various colors. When you light up the opaque plastic, it produces a soft lighting and a smooth texture .
To connect this tool to a torch, you will need the universal connector. Thanks to its plug & play system, you can connect all the Jason D. Page tools in no time at all. Simply screw the paintbrush of your choice on this connector. Then connect it to a torch and be ready for your light painting work.

Made from natural rubber, it guarantees you a great tear strength. Provided with a good elasticity and adhesion, it will serve you for many years and for all your photo sessions.

Effect : For a softened lighting texture. Haze/fog effect.

Data sheet

RangeJason D. Page
ToolsMini opaque bottle
ColorColor Pack
EffectSteam, Smoke, Drape

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