Blue filter to tint or colourise a Light Painting scenery.



Tint your Light Painting scenery in blue thanks to this color filter. Equipped with a black cover, it easily lights up an element in the scenery without making any light trail on the photo.

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Blue filter to tint a Light Painting scenery

This Light Painting accessory is especially designed to illuminate with different colors the chosen scenery for your photo. The photo must be taken in a dark environment or in darkness, without letting any source of light appear in the range of vision of the camera. When these conditions are met, the color filter enables you to accurately enlighten every element in the scenery.
You can illuminate :

  • the place of the shot
  • your model or character
  • items, etc.

A quick and easy way to add a light and coloured tone during your photo sessions! This tool will also bring a real touch of originality to your portrait photo. A good way to stand out among other photographers.
It is equipped with a black plastic cover. It prevents the lens of the camera from receiving a potential light trail during the shot. We advise you to take the photo in a dark environment or in darkness.

To use this paintbrush, simply screw it on the Jason D. Page Tools universal connector. Add it to a source of light (torch) and be ready to paint".

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RangeJason D. Page
ToolsColor filter
UseLight Painting

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