Light Painting Pink pen for drawing and calligraphy



With this Light pink pen, light drawing and light writing becomes a breeze! It provides a fine and precise contour to your Light Graffiti pictures.

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Light Painting Brushes Light Pink Pen

The Light Painting Brushes Light Pen create a fine line of light. It is perfectly suited for Light Drawing, Light Calligraphy, Light Writing and more generally to everything related to the technique of Light Graffiti. You will get on your photos a clear and precise line. The light pens are also the perfect tool for creating spirographs. Follow this video tutorial to learn how to create beautiful spirographs with this light painting brush.
Trick : if you point the light pen towards the objective of your camera while holding, it will create a starlight effect.

This tool, like all the Jason D. Page paintbrushes, must be used with the universal connector and a small torch.

Effect : Luminous outlines.

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RangeJason D. Page
UseCalligraphy, Light Drawing, Light Graff, Light Writing, Light Illustration

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