Mini blue tube with paintbrush effect for Calligraphy and Light Writing.



The mini blue tube is THE Lightgraff paintbrush to have with yourself. It allows you to do calligraphy, lettering, drawing and much more. A unique lighting texture and a "brush stroke" effect.

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Mini tube for blue Lightgraff

The translucent and monochrome mini tube is perfect for the lightgraff (light graffiti), calligraphy, light drawing and light writing. Thanks to its small size, it will be easy for you to make your lettering. If you are good at drawing you can create amazing color pictures.
To make it work, you must use it with the Jason D. Page Tools universal connector and a source of light (torch).

Effects : Luminous outlines, art-texture visual.

Data sheet

RangeJason D. Page
ToolsMini tube
UseLight Painting, Calligraphy, Light Drawing, Light Graff, Light Writing

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