1m Light Painting multicolored LED tape kit with batteries. Filaments effect



This RGB LED kit will be your best ally for your Light Graff photos. String together the colors or the effects as you simply press the controller's button. With more than 40 features, your creativity will have no limit!

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RGB LED tape for Light Graff with rechargeable battery and controller

This complete kit is provided with a 1 meter RGB LED tape, a 12V rechargeable battery and a pocket-sized controller. Whether you are a beginner in Lightgraff or a professional Light Painter, you will be captivated by the numerous possible effects that this kit can provide! With the controller in your hands you will create unique drawings, each one more beautiful than the last. In total, you have the choice between 40 features, distributed on the 3 buttons of the RGB controller.
The small-sized battery and controller do not take up many space. They can easily be attached to your small ruler or section, with some gaffer for example. You will be able to make your photos anywhere and you will feel free to move.

Effects : Multicolored drawing - the light points of the LED are visible and give an inimitable style to the Light Graff compositions. Play with the different animation modes to get very different results.

Features of the RGB LED mini controller:

"Color" button

20 colors in still mode (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, white, purple).

"Bright" buttons

Luminosity adjustment on 8 static color mode levels.

"Mode" button

  • Serie of 3 colors : red > green > blue
  • Serie of 7 colors: blue > pink > cyan > white > red > green > yellow
  • Fade out mode, available in: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, white
  • Combination of colors 1 : blue > red > green
  • Combination of colors 2 : blue > pink > white > red > yellow > green> cyan
  • Serie of colors 1 : blue > red > green
  • Serie of colors 2 : blue > pink > cyan > white > red > green > yellow
  • 3 colors strobe
  • Strobe, available in: red, yellow, green, blue, white
  • 3 colors dynamic flash
  • 7 colors dynamic flash

"Speed button

Animation speed adjustment on 5 levels

Data sheet

ToolsRechargeable battery LED strip kit
UseCalligraphy, Light Drawing, Light Graff, Light Writing, Light Painting
ColorRGB color change
EffectComb, Filament
Supply voltage12VDC
LED by meter30
Luminous intensity per meter480lm
Consumption per meter7.2W
CuttableYes every 10cm
Back stickerYes
Warranty2 years
Battery dimensions10 x 61 x 76mm
Battery typeLithium-ion
Controller dimensions35 x 15 x5mm
ControllerMini contrôleur RGB manuel
FunctionsOn / Off + 20 fixed colors + 20 programs + brightness adjustment + program speed adjustment, On/Off

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