Round plexiglass with bubble insertion. Glitter effect and / or brush with high light density



Round transparent plexiglass tube containing air bubbles. When illuminated, the bubbles capture light to create amazing textures. This tube is compatible with Round Connector and LightPainting Paradise round color filters.

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Round Plexiglass with Bubble Insert LightPainting Paradise Range

This round Plexiglass plugs directly into the Round Connector LightPainting Paradise. With a length of 40cm and a diameter of 2cm it will allow you to create surprising and dense effects. The bubbles inserts make it a unique Light tool.

Thanks to the round color filters you can easily change the shade of this round Plexiglass. Simply insert the filter between the connector and the bubble tube.

As a reminder, the LightPainting Paradise range allows you to use an impressive number of tools dedicated to LightPainting without any complex manipulation. The system is totally Plug & Play. You will find in this range Plexiglass blades, tubes, optical fibers and many other accessories.

Creating and Customizing Your LightPainting Tools

We have in our workshop in France(Orléans) different machines including laser cutting. So we can very easily create your own Plexiglass blades and even engrave drawings and text on them. Imagine that you wanted to make your logo appear on one of your works, it is possible. We can engrave your logo on a Plexiglass blade. You want to add a pictogram or a visual, no problem. To do this, simply contact us and send us your design (outer shape of the Plexiglass blade) and / or a visual (text or drawing that will be engraved on the slide) in vector format and voila : -)

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RangeLightPainting Paradise
ToolsPlexiglass tube
UseLight Graff, Light Writing, Light Drawing

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