Diamond plexiglas saber with smoke effects and Light Graff geometrical shapes.



Bring more style to your Lightgraff photos with this plexiglas diamond brush. The luminous flux comes from the edges of the plexiglas. Your photos will certainly make an impression!

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Diamond plexiglas saber. Smoke Light Graff and geometrical shapes effects

Made of plexiglas, the Light Painting diamond brush is cut and assembled by hand. The luminous flux comes from the edges of the plexiglas when it is connected to the universal connector and to a source of light (torch). It is very easy to modify the effects during the exposure. As you shake it before the lens, this paintbrush enables you to obtain plumes of smoke. You will also be able to create arabesques and geometrical shapes. It will give personality to your photos.

Effect : Puff of smoke, arabesques, geometrical shapes.

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Data sheet

RangeJason D. Page
ToolsPlexiglass blade
UseLight Painting, Light Graff
EffectBlade, Smoke

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