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Mass Lighter

Mass Lighter

A native of the Paris suburbs (Cergy, Val d'Oise), Samuel Heuzé has been influenced since childhood by the urban world around him. He began his career as a graphic designer and then art director at the Colorado advertising agency (Havas Group) in Paris.

In 2009, he discovered Light Painting and created the character MASS, which he has continued to develop over time and through encounters.

His desire to share his passion for Light Painting led him to found an association in 2010, with the aim of discovering, developing and promoting the arts, sports and urban culture. This structure enables him to evolve in his art and exchange with other artists from the world of Street Art. He teaches all the techniques he has learned and developed, takes part in events and exhibits his creations.

At the same time, the MASS artist collaborates with other artists and takes his research a step further, working on projects that combine light with other disciplines such as dance and the performing arts (juggling, bolas, contortionism).

He contributes to the development of Light Painting tools and accessories, and participates in the creation of new Light Painting media such as video.

In response to the growing need for companies to discover the world of urban art, Samuel Heuzé founded the Urban Xpression art agency in 2014, drawing on his experience in producing Street Art events.

Far from working solely on the art of Light Painting, he ventures into other areas such as photography, BodyGraff (or body painting), an ephemeral tattoo whose style is influenced by calligraphy, tribal art, graffiti and abstract art; or decorative Graff, proposing new graphic styles on a variety of supports.

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