Shows, animations and photocall Light Painting by LumiPop


Shows and services offered by LumiPop & Mass Lighter:

Mass Lighter puts its creativity and know-how at your service for the realization of unique services. Company evenings, seminars, conferences, team buldings, product launches, private events, exhibitions, festivals ... everywhere in France and abroad.

It meets your needs and ensures a quality service. Its teams, specialized in Street Art and experts in Light Painting, BodyGraff, Graff, Slam, Hip Hop dancing and Beatbox, open the doors to a creative and innovative universe, in perpetual evolution.

Shows and performances by Mass Lighter


Light Painting surprises as much as it captivates. Playing with light in a dark environment, Light Painters artists create unique portraits made without any computer editing.

The Photocall Light Painting is an innovative animation that impresses with its technicality and unlimited creativity.

Participants enter the Light Painter in a dark space and are photographed alone or in groups. The Light Painter realizes his graphic compositions around models with different lights. Each session lasts 1 to 2 minutes on average. Models discover the photo on a screen as soon as it is finished.

  • We can print 10x15 photos on the spot.
  • Photos are given to you a few days after the performance.
  • We can integrate a logo.

Contact us by mail or +33 238 493 495 for a personalized quote.

Light Painting Performance by Mass Lighter

Light Painting Performance:

Light Painters artists enliven your parties by proposing to create, in front of your audience, compositions worked in your image. These performances can be combined with other artistic disciplines (dance or contortion) and be performed around an object or logo that you would like to highlight. The public will see the composition come true and appreciate the on-screen creation.

Contact us by mail or +33 238 493 495 for a personalized quote.

Team Building:

Framed, participants learn about Light Painting in groups of about ten people. They discover the basic techniques and learn to make a composition. These workshops combine teamwork, space management and staging. They offer a space of free expression and make it possible to reinforce group cohesion by their playful and creative aspect.

If you have a special request, do not hesitate to let us know. Our teams will be happy to advise you and assist you throughout the development of your project.