The Light Painting Brushes system by Jason D. Page


Discover the Light Painting Brushes system by Jason D. Page

The American Light Painter Jason D. Page reveals in this video his range of Light Painting tools and the revolutionary system he has developed.

His invention is based on a simple and practical tool: the Universal Connector. This small rubber cone is the key that will open the doors to an unlimited number of effects, colors, shapes and textures. There is no limit to creation! It will allow you to easily and quickly interchange light brushes during a single exposure, thanks to the plug & play system. You must have at least one to use all the accessories in the range.

Thanks to the universal connector, you can insert any relatively round light or flashlight with that has a diameter of .975"-1.5", on one of the Light Painting Jason D. Page tools to create beautiful images.
The widest part of the cone is used to connect the light source while the opposite end accepts all Jason D. Page Tools brushes.
If you have the opportunity to use a lamp that has an on / off button on the back is even better because this way you can more easily turn on and off the light or even achieve a strobe effect.

Innovation holds an important place in the Light Painting industry, which is why the connector was designed to meet not only the material of the range but also suitable for plastic bottles. If you are a creator in the soul you can create your own light tools.