How to create an Spirograph in Light Painting


Make a light painting spirograph:

In this Light Painting tutorial , we find the light painter Jason D. Page which explains you step by step how to get a beautiful spirograph.

The result seems complex to achieve but as you will see in the video, it is a lightgraff easy to create. This is a great project for people who are new to Light Painting.

Materials needed:

For this tutorial you need:

Hardware Installation:

To begin, make a loop with the string that you just close by a knot. Add tape around the knot.
Position the buckle on your flashlight as shown in the video and tighten it with tape.

Hang your flashlight on the ceiling.
Next, attach the universal connector , then the Light Painting pen in the color of your choice. Make sure your installation is secure.

Position your camera so that it is just below the flashlight. Check that your device is level. For added security, you can put a UV filter to protect the lens of your device.

That's the installation is complete!

The execution:

Turn on your lamp, start the oscillating movement and start the picture. Be careful not to sway too much so as not to leave the frame.

Once you start mastering this technique you can have fun changing colors and even tools (from the Jason D. Page range). You will have different colors and textures on your image. The change of accessory is simple and fast. For example, it is possible to start with a Light Painting pen then a purple mini tube and finally a opaque mini bottle of red filter . To make these changes, use a simple piece of cardboard that you will cover on the lens of the camera.
The possibilities are endless!