How to use a plexiglass blade for Light Painting


Tips and tricks on using plexiglass blades:

Discover in this tutorial the good advice on the use of Plexiglass slides by Light Painter Jason D. Page, the artist behind the universal connector and all the Light tools signed by JDP.

This video will cover the following topics:

  • How to use the universal connector with your flashlight?
  • How to change the color of plexiglass?
  • How to get more light with plexi?

Materials needed:

If you want to reproduce the same effects, here is the list of tools you will need:

How to connect your led lamp to JDP accessories? (0:00 > 0:25):

For this, you must have at least one universal Jason D. Page connector. The widest part allows you to insert all types of lamps with a diameter between 2.4 and 3.8 cm. Then, attach to the other end any tool in the range.

How to hold the ensemble? (0:26 > 0:50):

Small advice, if you use a tool rather "heavy" like a plexiglass blade, the best is to hold the set by the universal connector. In this way, you have better grip on both your lamp and the tool. You will more easily realize your lines and you will not risk dropping the plexi.

How to connect the Light tools? (0:51 > 1:12):

Do not try to screw the tools! The system is much simpler and faster than that. Just push them into the connector. This is the advantage of this Plug & Play system!

How to change the color of plexiglass? (1:13 > 2:10):

You have 2 options, either use a color-changing led lamp or color filters.

How to get more light on the edges of plexiglass? (2:11 > 3:45):

In order to have more light on the edges of your plexi, sand them with sandpaper. A sheet with a grain of 80 works very well for this type of operation. But nothing prevents you from using a sandpaper with a grain of 100 or 120 if you have it at home. This process will better "catch" the light and you will see on your photos that your lines will be more marked.