Tuto by Wen-Jié Yang

Photographer born in Montmartre of Taiwanese parents, he buys his first used SLR in 2009 and learns photography self-taught. Google was his mentor and autism his twin. He develops a technique inspired by Ninjutsu to steal clichés in the street. His playing field lends itself easily to his favorite style, the humanist photo. "I like to look at human beings" Subsequently his "nocturnal wanderings" lead him to apprehend the night photo and to experiment with other techniques. The next logical step is Light Painting, a path he approaches with enthusiasm by making different prototypes to compose more and more successful scenes. At the beginning of 2011 he decides to exhibit and live from his art. In the wake is born the Light Club in the bowels of the Squat Bloc, which he is one of the founders.