Retail 2m white luminous wire. Smoke and flames Light Painting effects.
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Retail 2m white luminous wire. Smoke and flames Light Painting effects.


Choose this 2m white luminous wire in order to easily create a smoke effect in Light Painting. It is equipped with a connector and a terminal cap.

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2 meters white flexible Light Painting neon light

Sold at retail, the luminous wire is perfect to create a smoke effect, and flame for your Light Painting compositions. To get this result, nothing could be easier: you just have to use it as it is. Shake it before the lens during the shot, that's all there is to it.
Follow the various steps shown by the Light Painter Wen-Jié Yang in this tutorial "Create a smoke effect in Light Painting" to learn more.

This equipment is perfect for this kind of photographic technique because the soft lighting it emits is perfectly visible within a dark surrounding and in complete darkness. The 360 degree emitted light is continual on the entire length.

Completely flexible, it can be placed on various materials (section, item, clothing). To fix it you have numerous choices: you can either glue it, tape it up, staple it or sew it. In this way, you will get a different result depending on the material you use. For example you can stretch it along an aluminium rod in order to get a clear outline on your Light Painting photos.

It is provided with a connector and ready for use. You simply have to connect it directly to the battery-powered supply. According to your needs, you have the choice between a power supply that can charge up to 5m of luminous wire and a second one that can charge up to 10m. You also have the possibility to connect various flexible neon lights to a single battery box, thanks to the double connectors and four outputs connectors. Do not hesitate to combine the colors to create effects each more amazing than the last.
You can cut it where you want, so it is perfectly adjustable. The trimmings are reusable. To do so, a connection kit is at your disposal in the submenu "Electroluminescent Accessories".

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