Retail 2m multiform yellow neon light. Fixed shape and smoke Light Painting effects.
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Retail 2m multiform yellow neon light. Fixed shape and smoke Light Painting effects.


Create unique and unusual Lightgraff outlines with this 2m yellow neon light. You can give it the shape you want. The metal wire inserted into the neon light makes it keep the shape you gave it.

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2m yellow multiform Light Painting neon light

One of the characteristics of this malleable neon light is that it can keep the shape you give it. It is equipped with a metal wire, which allows you to model it easily. You can give it any shape you want, like a character or an abstract form. Then, during the shot, you are free to use it either to realize your drawings or to bring this shape out at different places. Your Light Painting photo will be one of the most original ones thanks to a unique style!
There are many more possible applications depending on the chosen material and the animation mode selected on the battery box. For example, all you need to do to obtain a smoke effect is to take the flexible neon light and shake it before the lens. In order for you to perfectly understand the specific method, do not hesitate to watch this tutorial "Create a smoke effect in Light Painting" by the Light Painter Wen-Jié Yang.

This luminous tool suits perfectly to this art because the soft lighting it emits is perfectly visible within a dark surrounding and in complete darkness. The 360 degree emitted light is continual on the entire length.
Flexible and light, it can be placed on any surface. You can either glue it, staple it, tape it up or sew it onto clothing. This item is retailed so you only have to choose a battery-powered supply. Depending on your needs you will be able to either charge up to 5 meters of neon light or up to 10 meters. These power supplies offer 2 operating modes: steady and flashing (slow and fast) modes. Multi-pin connectors (double or four outputs) are available so you can connect several neon lights. Do not hesitate to combine the colors to get more surprising effects.
You can adjust it by cutting it where you want. The trimmings are reusable thanks to the connection kit.

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