2m battery-powered multiform blue neon light kit. Fixed shape and smoke Light Painting effects.



You want a precise shape for your LightGraff ? Adopt this complete and ready-to-use kit. The 2m blue neon light is equipped with a metal wire inside, which makes it keep the given shape.

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Blue Light Graff multiform neon light with battery-powered supply

The strong point of this luminous neon light is that it keeps the given shape thanks to the metal wire inside of it. The multiform neon light is ideal for Light Painting because it is only visible in darkness. There are many possible uses, you can:

  • Glue it on a structure, an item, a frame...
  • Sew it on clothes
  • Use it as it is to obtain a smoke effect

Depending on the operating mode selected on the battery box, the chosen material and your gestures, you will get different effects. This electroluminescent tool enables you to create your own style and to have inimitable outlines. So let your artistic imagination run wild !

Light Painting effect:

  • Puff of smoke, flames effect: Shake the luminous wire of the neon light.
  • Net curtain effect: Stretch the neon light or attach it to a section.
  • Modelling: Give the neon light the appearance you want and make it appear and disappear or use this shape to get a unique and outstanding outline.

For more comfort, the battery-powered supply is equipped with a clip-in belt. A total freedom of movement!


  • It keeps the given shape
  • Flexible and resistant neon light
  • A 360 degree steady light
  • Does not emit any heat
  • Waterproof, it is water resistant
  • Can be cut anywhere

It will definitely become an essential element for all of your Light Painting projects!

Data sheet

ToolsBattery El Wire kit
UseLight Painting, Light Graff, Light Drawing, Calligraphy
EffectSteam, Fixed form, Smoke, Flame
Warranty2 years
Battery case dimensions88 x 33 x 19mm
FunctionsOn / Off / Variable flashing
Power supply2 LR06 batteries (not included)

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