Mini Lampe torche Light Painting LED 150 lumens rose
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Mini LED Light Painting Torch Light 150 Lumens Pink


Tiny, only 93mm long, this pink flashlight is ideal for Light Painting compositions. Its 25mm head perfectly fits their Jason D. Page and LightPainting Paradise connectors.

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Mini Light Torch Pink Special Light Paintings

This flashlight can be used alone or with a universal connector from the Jason D. Page range or Lightpainting Paradise. Its size / power ratio is impressive and allows you to make light painting compositions very easily. Very small, 93mm long for only 25mm in diameter, it fits easily in the palm of your hand or in a pocket.

It is powered by a single LR06 battery (battery not included). Depending on the quality of your battery, this flashlight has a range of 2 to 3 hours. Waterproof you can use it in any conditions.

Equipped with a push button at its end you can either turn on/off or change modes. Brightness 100% > Brightness 50% > Flash.

As a reminder, the LightPainting Paradise and Jason D. Page ranges allow you to use an impressive number of tools dedicated to LightPainting without any complex manipulation. The systems are totally Plug & Play. You will find Plexiglass blades, opaque tubes, optical fibers and many other accessories.

Creating and Customizing Your LightPainting Tools

We have in our workshop in France(Orléans) different machines including laser cutting. So we can very easily create your own Plexiglass blades and even engrave drawings and text on them. Imagine that you wanted to make your logo appear on one of your works, it is possible. We can engrave your logo on a Plexiglass blade. You want to add a pictogram or a visual, no problem. To do this, simply contact us and send us your design (outer shape of the Plexiglass blade) and / or a visual (text or drawing that will be engraved on the slide) in vector format and voila : -)

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