Light Painting battery kit with 1m blue LED tape. Filaments effect



To create your Lightgraff, think about this complete kit for your own luminous tools. The flexible LED tape can be placed on any flat surface. The mini rechargeable battery ensures you a total freedom of movement.

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Blue LED tape with mini rechargeable battery

This kit includes a 1 meter flexible LED tape and a small rechargeable battery. If you like creating your own Light Painting tools, the LED tape is perfect for the creation of luminous paintbrushes. It is suitable for any kind of flat surface support. Most of the time artists place the set on a small ruler to obtain a linear outline. Obviously, you are free to explore other ways to use it.
The connection is made very quickly ; connect the jack connector of the LED strip with the one of the rechargeable battery to make your kit working. You can choose to attach the mini battery to your small ruler with some gaffer. If you prefer slipping it into your pocket it is possible, thanks to its small size. In both cases you will be totally autonomous and free to move. All of our LED strips are equipped with a self-adhesive back. They can be easily sticked on any kind of flat surface. This product will be suitable for all of your Lightgraff projects because you have the possibility to cut it every 3 LEDs (every 5 cm). All you need is a pair of scissors and that's all there is to it. The cutting marks are clearly signaled on the tape.

Effects : Monochrome drawing the light points of the LED are visible and give an inimitable style to the Lightgraff compositions. Play with body language and the speed of your movements to get very different results.

Advantages of the flexible LED tape:

  • A very long lifespan, to enjoy numerous Light Graff sessions in prospect.
  • Strong colors and a powerful lighting
  • An illumination angle of 120°
  • A flexible strip which can take different forms
  • It is easily adjustable: with a pair of scissors you have the possibility to cut it every 3 LEDs (5 cm)
  • A simple and quick fixing system thanks to the self-adhesive back (marked 3M)

Data sheet

ToolsRechargeable battery LED strip kit
UseLight Painting, Calligraphy, Light Drawing, Light Graff, Light Writing
EffectComb, Filament
Supply voltage12VDC
LED by meter60
CuttableYes every 5cm
Back stickerYes
Warranty2 years
Battery dimensions10 x 61 x 76mm
Battery typeLithium-ion

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