How to draw a flower in Light Painting


Draw flowers in light painting:

In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to create beautiful flowers for your Light Painting compositions.

Reminder: The technique of light painting is based on that of long exposure. The camera must be in B (Bulb mode) mode and all settings are manual. The location of the shot should be quite dark because it will be exposed for several minutes. The camera is placed on a stable tripod so that it is as still as possible.

Materials needed:

If you want to practice reproducing the same drawing here's what you need:

How to make a flower? :

Before starting, it is necessary to set up as a "choregraphy", that is to say to remember each movement and to plan the times when it will be necessary to change tools. This way, you can focus more easily on your different layouts.

Use your body is a great way to locate in space and in the realization of these plots.

Step 1: Adjust your camera settings to where you are.

Step 2: We will start shooting by sweeping the floor to create the grass. Then put the bottle up your body up to the chin. You can turn off your led lamp.

Step 3: Now install the yellow color filter for the center of the flower. To do this always place yourself in front of the lens and position your lamp at the level of your chin. Turn it on for 2 seconds then turn it off.

Step 4: To make the petals, attach the plexiglass blade to the connector. The goal is to turn the lamp on and off several times by making a 360 ° around your head. If your lamp has a strobe mode it will be easier.

Step 5: Finally, pick up the yellow filter and illuminate the area of ​​your show scene. Be careful not to point the color filter in front of the camera.

All you have to do is stop the picture and admire the result!